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January 26, 2022

8 Powerful Influencer Marketing Tools That Get Fantastic Results In 2022

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If you opt not to use a platform or an agency for your influencer marketing then you will have to build up relationships with influencers yourself. To do this, you first need to identify the influencers that rule your niche. If you are an active online participant in your niche you may already have a good idea who are the best influencers. In other cases, you will have to carry out considerable research first. Luckily there are a variety of influencer marketing tools to help you in your quest.

Why You Need Influencer Marketing Tools?

A portion of this budget should go into a software platform to help you start and manage the influencer relationship. There are tools that can match you to the right freelancer, keep track of your collaborations, manage contracts, and measure the ROI of your partnership.

But it will take you hours–if not days–to sift through all of the influencer marketing tool reviews and come up with a shortlist. And it’ll take even longer to try out each entry in your shortlist and see which influencer marketing tools ranked the highest.

8 Top Influencer Marketing Tools

1. Upfluence

Upfluence is a full-scale influencer platform, offering a well-rounded set of features. A pivotal part of influence, however, is its influencer search and discovery engine.

It features a massive database of over 3 million influencer profiles. Upfluence’s AI indexes and updates these profiles in real-time. The algorithm analyzes each piece of content for reach and engagement.

Clients can search through Upfluence to find influencers using as many keywords as necessary. By drilling down with keywords, you start to narrow the pool a little bit. You can place a relative weight on each keyword, making some more important than others. You can also narrow your search even further on Instagram, using criteria like location, social platform, or the number of followers.

The resulting statistics show up in near real-time. The left side of the screen is where you type search terms, and the right side displays the number of results based on your search—and categorizes them into groups based on follower size.

Upfluence also offers a Chrome plugin. It is a “do it yourself” tool for influencer marketing. You can use it to analyze an influencer’s profile straight from your browser, and it is compatible with profiles on all major networks: such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Blogs. The plugin offers instantaneous, cutting edge analytics for any influencer, across all of their social media accounts.

2. AspireIQ

AspireIQ (formerly Revfluence) has the profiles of over 500,000 influencers in its discovery engine. Its algorithm crawls the web searching through social accounts to find people who meet its influencer criteria.

However, if an influencer wants to actively participate in campaigns through the AspireIQ platform, they first need to opt into the system.

AspireIQ provides multiple ways for brands to find influencers. You can search using relevant keywords, topics, or hashtags, and then filter accounts by whatever method you want. You can use the “Quickmatch” feature, which suggests influencers based on your preferences. Another way you can find influencers is to use AspireIQ’s Watchlist feature, which will tell you which influencers have mentioned you or your competitors. You can even search by image – looking for influencers who have shared content similar to a particular picture.

AspireIQ covers much more than just influencer discovery, however. It has robust tools that can assist brands with:

  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign lifecycle management
  • Digital term sheets
  • Product tracking
  • Content collaboration
  • Trackable sales links
  • Creator performance spreadsheet
  • Campaign analytics
  • Payments

They have recently added a new feature that allows you to track Instagram Stories.

3. Fourstarzz Media among Influencer Marketing Tools

Fourstarzz Media has an inventory of more than 750,000 influencers. This influencer marketing tool allows you to filter the influencers based on location, channel, gender, influencer type, and audience type.

Further narrow down your results by comparing influencer profiles by reach and engagement rates. Additionally, you can compare audience demographics, interests, estimated post values, and content types.

This leading influencer marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses offers no limitations. Fourstarzz Media provides unlimited influencer lists, unlimited searches, and unlimited influencer reports. You can also design campaigns and check if an influencer fits your brand style

What’s more? The platform offers influencer marketing campaigns as a service.

What does this mean?

That they handle everything from ideation to execution. They offer a dedicated campaign manager, handle influencer identification, strategize, and design campaigns. They also contract and brief the influencer, monitor the campaigns, and offer analytics.

4. BuzzStream

If you’re interested in influencer marketing trends, that probably sums up your goals pretty well!

So how does BuzzStream actually help you build those relationships and get that buzz? It starts with influencer research.

First, BuzzStream offers a browser extension that lets you research regular websites you find while browsing the web. For example, if you stumble across a popular blog in your niche, BuzzStream lets you add that blog to your list and see a bunch more information about the person behind the blog.

Beyond that, BuzzStream also lets you use keywords to find influencers related to you and your niche. It’s more than a simple list – BuzzStream gives you a full image of both that person’s websites and social media presence:

Then, you can easily add those influencers to sortable, filterable prospect lists. For example, you can sort by authority, or whether someone has promoted you in the past (if they’ve already promoted you before – that gives you an even better chance to get that second mention!).

Once you have your prospect lists, BuzzStream makes it easy to send out personalized emails and automated follow-ups, as well as see data on how effective your outreach efforts are.

Basically, BuzzStream sets out to help you manage your entire influencer marketing efforts – from research all the way through to tracking your relationships and analyzing your performance.

Despite that full-service approach, BuzzStream still has pricing plans that are accessible for solo bloggers and entrepreneurs.

BuzzStream’s Starter plan begins at just $24 per month for up to 2 users. While it doesn’t have every single feature, it should have all the features most bloggers need.

And as you scale up in price, you get features that also make BuzzStream great for larger businesses and teams.

5. HypeAuditor – Top Instagram Influencers Ranking

You can use HypeAuditor to determine the top Instagram influencers ranking by the number of quality and engaged followers.

HypeAuditor’s AI analyses thoroughly and ranks bloggers by quality followers and authentic engagement. They gather raw data from different sources, depersonalize and clusterize it. They take only real followers and likes from them into consideration. The algorithm then ranks influencers and forms the global top influencers’ lists, updated daily.

You can either select a list of the top 1000 influencers, covering all niches or alternatively break the list into one of 14 categories. In turn, you can either select influencer lists covering all countries, or select a list only including influencers from one of 17 selected countries.

HypeAuditor provides the following information about each influencer in each list:

  • Their current ranking (and the change since last month for some lists only)
  • The influencer’s Instagram username
  • Main topics the influencer posts about
  • Their audience country
  • Their followers
  • An estimation of their authentic engagement

If you click on any influencer, you will be taken to a page giving additional information and statistics relating to their Instagram performance, Audience Quality Score, demographics of their followers, and engagement.

6. One Of Influencer Marketing Tools: Tagger Media

Tagger Media is an opt-in influencer marketplace with over 1 million influencers in its database. It tracks 8 billion social conversations that create over 28 million data points. You can search for influencers using 50 filters to help you refine the results.

Tagger Media offers much more than just an influencer search engine, however. It is a full influencer marketplace, designed to help large businesses find and work with its massive database of influencers.

It is an all-in-one platform that allows brands to:

  • Perform detailed searches on the database of users
  • Discover influencers to work with
  • Create campaigns, making them only available to invited influencers or alternatively to anybody
  • Manage selected influencers and their content submissions
  • Analyze post and influencer performance
  • Determine relevant ROI

Tagger Media places a significant emphasis on psychographics. It analyses what people are talking about, their interests and their affinities. This helps clients understand what content will drive engagement.

It also features a highly robust management dashboard, making it easy for firms to organize their influencer marketing efforts.

7. Heepsy

This influencer marketing tool is an advanced search tool that matches your brand with the best influencer using AI. Search their database of more than 7 million influencers based on filters like location and industry. Further narrow down your results by influencer engagement rates, keywords, languages, and audience demographics.

Heepsy allows you to search for influencers by their handle and access their stats.

What’s more?

The platform offers content analysis and metrics, including follower growth, authenticity, and engagement. You can also access estimated influencer cost and audience metrics to ensure they are a good fit for your brand.

Once chosen, Heepsy organizes your influencers in lists. You can arrange them depending on your campaign goals or download their contacts.

8. NinjaOutreach: Influencer Marketing Research Tools

Like BuzzStream, NinjaOutreach is another full-service cloud-based influencer research tool. In fact, you’ll see a lot of similarities between the two, though I’ll try to suss out some differentiators at the end of this section.

NinjaOutreach lets you search for prospects in its database of over 25 million websites. To narrow things down, you can add tags to filter by:

  • Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • Companies
  • Individual articles

Beyond websites, NinjaOutreach also lets you search Twitter and Instagram.

Once you’ve found some prospects, you can add them to a sortable, filterable prospect list. You can also add tags to organize things further.

And then once you have your prospect lists, NinjaOutreach helps you send automated, personalized emails to the people on your list, as well as automated follow-ups if desired.

NinjaOutreach will track details on email opens, clicks, and replies so that you can see how efficient your efforts are, as well.

The differece between BuzzStream & NinjaOutreach:

So…up until now, that sounds pretty similar to BuzzStream, right? So what are some of the feature differences that might push you in one way or another? Here are a few notable differences

  • NinjaOutreach lets you automate your entire email sequence (including initial email), while BuzzStream only lets you automate your follow-ups. Personally, I find automating the initial email to be a bit spammy – but to each their own.
  • NinjaOutreach lets you directly search for Twitter and Instagram influencers. While BuzzStream does display information on social media accounts, it’s still primarily focused on websites.
  • BuzzStream includes more team-focused features than NinjaOutreach.
  • Additionally, because NinjaOutreach’s cheapest plan starts at $69 per month, BuzzStream is a bit more accessible for smaller bloggers.

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